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Video File is an app that helps you recover the pictures and video files that have been deleted from your smartphone.

Have you ever tried cleaning out your pictures and videos and accidentally deleted files that you really didn’t want to remove from your phone? Calm yourself, Video File is here to shine a ray of hope on your lost files! If the files are stored somewhere in your smartphone and haven’t been totally eliminated, Video File will find them for you.

Using Video File is super easy: it searches through every single app and file your pictures may have passed through, along with the folders of deleted files. Then, it gathers all the images that aren’t in your picture gallery and are hidden somewhere in your smartphone. Pick the folder where you think your pictures or videos might be (using the name of the app, the date, etc.) and start searching: maybe, just maybe you’ll be in luck and that super cute picture of your puppy dog is still there.

Video File gives you hope of recovering the pictures and videos you thought you lost.

Video File recovers lost photos and videos on your smartphone

How often have you accidentally erased media from your smartphone? Photos and videos can easily end up mislaid in the vast jumble of files that we sift through day after day. Luckily there's a solution for all of us who've ever had to swallow this bitter pill: Video File is a useful free app for Android that lets you recover files you thought were lost. Now you can get back to enjoying them again in a really simple way.
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